Student Testimonials

Kathryn (Wood Green)


Having booked onto other pattern cutting courses at Colleges and then chickening out at the last minute I've finally found 'THE' place for me. Linda is thorough and detailed in her teaching and has a wealth of experience to draw upon, she's always genuinely interested in her students other personal pattern cutting projects and willing to help with any questions. The classes are informal and friendly and I come away from every one having learnt a great deal. So from being a complete beginner I am now able to understand the basics and intend to continue the journey.

Prasanna (Barnet)


Linda got me hooked on pattern cutting. I see it not just as a hobby but as a skill for life.You don't have to be artistic to create unique clothes from basic blocks - anyone can do it. And you are less likely to discard hand made clothes.

Nothing is more pleasurable than someone asking you where you got your dress from and you smugly say "I made it"!

Janis (Enfield)


I love Linda’s class! It offers a very practical insight into pattern cutting that other more academic courses lack. The course gets down straight into the nitty gritty , from the basics to more specialised matters. After the course I now have the confidence to work independently while the class still offers the support needed for future projects. Linda is great at tailoring the course to specific needs and I am very grateful for finding such a nurturing environment to learn in. Highly recommend!